4th Annual Wise County Chicken Coop Tour

Don't miss out on the Wise County Chicken Coop Tour. At 10: 00 A.M. attend a  FREE "Chickens 101" seminar at the  Wise County Fairgrounds, located at South FM51 in Decatur. Conducted by Texas A&M poultry expert! Great door prizes given out from several local businesses!

Then, get a free map, and go on a self-guided tour to 9 chicken coop farms! Great fun for the whole family to see the beautiful countryside of Wise County!


Paul and Darlene Lipp



May 3rd, 2014

Decatur, Texas

Download your own map here on the website. Or, pick up maps at Visitor's Center and Rooster's Roadhouse on the Square in Decatur.

"Crooked Creek Farm"

Gary and Mary Jane Massie


Beth and Cary Hardin. Decatur.

Much heartfelt thanks to Beth and Cary for launching the 1st Wise County Chicken Coop Tour!  It was their passion and hard work that brought attention to raising backyard chickens in Wise County! Visit their historic gardens and cafĂ©.  Monday-Friday. Main Street Home and Gardens.

Bottom 2 photo's taken by "Portraits by Renitta".